Ingleside and 23 more things to do & see

Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County, New York, United States
    Start your walk at Ingleside
  • A
    Gothic Revival mansion

    Ingleside, an American country house overlooking the Hudson River, is one of only three survivors of the Gothic Revival "Hudson River castles" built in the mid-nineteenth century. Ingleside was built in 1854-57 for the English immigrant Edwin B. Strange,a silk importer in New York City,who commissioned its design from Alexander…Read more

  • Make your way 0.31 miles to Waterfront Park
  • B
    Waterfront Park

    This riverfront has been central to the development of Dobbs Ferry, a village even named after the early river crossing. The Dobbs family, tenant farmers on the Philipse estate, began the ferry in 1698. A periauger, a flat bottomed boat propelled by oars, ferried people west, across the Hudson River,…Read more

  • Make your way 0.21 miles to The Palazzo
  • C
    The Palazzo
    1923 mansion

    The most elegant of the Italian houses is a palazzo on Main Street, built in 1923 by Dominick Altieri. According to his daughter, there was a house in Italy like it, and her father's dream was to copy it in the local stone found in Westchester. The inside is faced…Read more

  • Make your way 0.07 miles to Dobbs Ferry Public Library
  • D
    Dobbs Ferry Public Library
    Public Library

    The Dobbs Ferry Free Library & Reading Room was organized by the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. It was set up in the parlor of a house on Main Street, adjacent to the current library, and kept open every day by Mrs. Pearce who lived there with her family. In 1909,…Read more

  • Make your way 0.06 miles to 75 Main Street
  • E
    75 Main Street
    Former Hay & Feed Store

    The Diamond Lodge, founded in 1864 met in the hay and feed store located at 75 Main Street. The store was owned by Charles G. Storms, then president of the Village. By 1893, the building had become the Nathaniel and John W. Lawrence grain elevators and mill.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.06 miles to Our Lady of Pompeii
  • F
    Our Lady of Pompeii
    Church in Dobbs Ferry, New York

    Our Lady of Pompeii Catholic Church at 95 Palisade Street was built in 1925 by a congregation founded in 1922, reflecting the influx of Italian immigrants. The building was constructed by Dominic Altieri, whose family home at 10 Main Street is known as the Palazzo.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.12 miles to 1856 Historic House
  • G
    1856 Historic House
    1856 historic home

    Built by M.K Couzens, a local engineer and mapmaker, it was purchased in 1864 by Thomas J. Jewell. It remained in the family until 1964.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.03 miles to Summerfield Methodist Church
  • H
    Summerfield Methodist Church
    1894 church

    The current building, replaced the original 1855 home of the church which was destroyed by a fire in 1894. It was named for John Summerfield, a popular preacher of the 19th century. The congregation left the building in 1927. Since 2003, it has been the home of…Read more

  • Make your way 0.06 miles to Mead House
  • I
    Mead House
    Dobbs Ferry Historical Society

    Built in 1855 by Abram Willsea, by 1920 it was owned by the Herbert Mead family. In 1991, Clara Mead left the home to the Society. Ms. Mead, a 1926 graduate of Wellesley College, had a lively interest in local history.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.05 miles to United States Post Office
  • J
    United States Post Office
    United States national historic site

    The United States Post Office in Dobbs Ferry, New York serves the ZIP Code 10522, which covers the village of Dobbs Ferry. It is a brick Colonial Revival structure located at the corner of Main and Oak streets, in the downtown section.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.08 miles to Zion Episcopal Church
  • K
    Zion Episcopal Church
    Church in Dobbs Ferry, New York

    Zion Episcopal Church was organized in 1833 and the building contructed the following year.. Among the early vestrymen were Washington Irving, and James & Alexander Hamilton, Jr., sons of Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. In 1853 and 1870 the church building was enlarged. A bell…Read more

  • Make your way 0.11 miles to Original Fire Company Headquarters
  • L
    Original Fire Company Headquarters
    Former fire house

    The original headquarters of the Resolute Hook and Ladder Company. It later held the Dobbs Ferry Register, a building and loan cooperative, synagogue, realty and insurance business. It is now a restaurant and wine bar.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.08 miles to Sacred Heart Church
  • M
    Sacred Heart Church
    19th century church

    Erected in 1894, it is part of the gateway to the village standing at the intersection of Broadway and Ashford Avenue.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.06 miles to South Presbyterian Church
  • N
    South Presbyterian Church
    Church in Dobbs Ferry, New York

    South Presbyterian Church, usually just referred to as South Church, is located along Broadway in Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States. Founded in 1820, it is currently in its second building, a stone Gothic Revival style structure dating to 1869. Members of the church have done much of the…Read more

  • Make your way 0.17 miles to Masters School
  • O
    Masters School
    1880 carriage house

    Built when the McComb estate was owned by Philip J. Armour. The McCombs were close friends with Fanny Howell Masters and her daughters Sarah and Eliza who founded the Masters School in 1877.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.19 miles to Estherwood
  • P
    United States national historic site

    Estherwood is a late 19th-century mansion located on the campus of The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, New York, United States. It was the home of industrial tycoon James Jenning McComb, who supported Masters financially in its early years when his daughters attended. The house's octagonal library was the first…Read more

  • Make your way 0.15 miles to The Lindens - 70 Clinton Avenue
  • Q
    The Lindens - 70 Clinton Avenue
    2nd Empire mansion

    Built before 1870, the original section of this now private residence is in the French Second Empire style. The conical tower was added in 1890 as was the Queen Anne-style carriage house. For many years, it served as a Masters School dormitory.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.22 miles to Rosalind Gardens
  • R
    Rosalind Gardens
    1927 apartment house

    Built by Harry Z. Suchin, a liquor dealer who became famous for refusing to evict Depression-era tenants who could not pay their rent. The building was named for his daughter and noted for its rose gardens.…Read more

  • Make your way 0.08 miles to The Keeper's House
  • S
    The Keeper's House
    NYC Aqueduct overseer

    In the 1830’s, NYC’s explosive population growth could not satisfy its need for fresh potable water for consumption, agriculture, sanitation and firefighting. In 1837 a monumental engineering project was undertaken to bring fresh water from Croton to two reservoirs in Manhattan. Due to the expense and limited capabilities of steam…Read more

  • Make your way 0.42 miles to Biegen/Anchor/Manilla Brewery
  • T
    Biegen/Anchor/Manilla Brewery

    The Brewery was constructed on the Hudson River at 145 Palisade Street. The complex included a pool, waterfall, and underground storage area for beer. Founded in 1853, the Biegen Brewery shipped beer up and down the Hudson River, even driving sleds of beer kegs to Nyack in winter when…Read more

  • Make your way 0.40 miles to Dobbs Ferry High School
  • U
    Dobbs Ferry High School
    Dobbs Ferry High School

    The historic high school in Dobbs Ferry, New York was constructed using federal Public Works Administration funds during the 1930s with a total cost of $832,335. Construction occurred between May 1934 and June 1936. The building, designed by architects Knappe & Morris, is still in use today. …Read more

  • Make your way 0.25 miles to Presbyterian "Little White Church" Cemetery
  • V
    Presbyterian "Little White Church" Cemetery
    18th century cemetery

    The land adjacent to the Little White Church was used as a burial ground beginning in 1785. Martin Lefurgy, who owned the land, donated it to the Presbyterian congregation in 1823. In 1962, the church deeded it to the Village. It has recently been cleaned of years…Read more

  • Make your way 0.15 miles to Horse Trough
  • W
    Horse Trough
    Historic horse trough

    The stone watering trough was built on the corner of Broadway and Ashford Avenue. For over a century it provided water for thirsty horses as they moved through Dobbs Ferry either mounted by single riders or harnessed to pull carriages and wagons. The date it was erected is unknown but…Read more

  • Make your way 0.57 miles to Albany Post Road Marker
  • X
    Albany Post Road Marker
    Historic road marker

    Since colonial times, Route 9 was a main thoroughfare for travel and communications between NYC, Albany and beyond. When Benjamin Franklin was the British Postmaster General - he standardized a system of mile markers to aid colonists with the sending of communications along this “Albany Post Road”. These stones were…Read more

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